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The context

Today, the process to look for an apartment can be long and painful. From comparing housings to organising a visit or sending documents, a lot of steps are tedious and could be simplified. This was the goal for this contest, organised by uplabs.

The process


Identifying the needs

When looking for a housing, people go through three main steps.

Main steps of the process

The main pain points during those steps are: to make a selection of a few housings that suits ones' needs, to contact each landlord to schedule visits, to send all the documents and to check the status of the applications.


Considering two different types of users

The perfectionnist

Wants to take his/her time to find the perfect housing

Dedicated features:
  • · Advanced search criterias
  • · Bookmarking
  • · Housings comparison

The one in a rush

Needs to find a housing as soon as possible

Dedicated features:
  • · Map view of all available housings
  • · Scheduling a visit
  • · View of all upcoming visits

Organising the features

App architecture

To avoid unnecessary and dissuasive registration, the users only need to create an account when they want to either bookmark a housing or schedule a visit.


Creating the layout

Based on the app architecture, I drew several iterations of wireframes on a whiteboard, testing out different layouts for each of the main pages.


And going from the whiteboard to Figma, I made sure every type of users had an obvious access to the necessary information and actions.

Wireframes on Figma

The platform

On the home page, only the four main search criterias are available to avoid obtaining no result. More options are available on the results page.

Home Page

For the results page, I combined a list and a map view for users to see the most important information while having a visual representation of the housings’ location.

Results Page

When looking at a housing's details, the large images combined with a discrete interface favor immersion.

Housing Page

And I added a minimalist calendar to schedule visits in a few clicks.

Calendar details

Finally, the wishlist page is divided into different sections. Priority is given to housings where documents are sent or visits scheduled.

Wishlist Page

Thank you for reading!

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