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2 months


Benjamin Carrier

The context

Every year, La Poste - the equivalent of the United States Postal Service in France - organises a national service design contest. As the group also offers banking services, through La Banque Postale, the aim for the 2016 edition was to imagine what could be the future of banking.

We participated and won the 2nd price.

The process


Understanding the challenges

The contest brief detailed the different goals that La Poste was trending to. We identified the ones that seemed the most important and made them our own.

Maintain proximity

Bank advisors play an important role in the relationship between the bank and the customer. Encouraging communication between them is necessary

Facilitate daily life

Common interactions such as receiving advice, making changes on the account or signing a document should not take time nor be tedious

Target young users

Shifting between in-person only interactions to an online platform is a way to adapt to a changing way of interacting and to attract young customers

Guide people

During important moments such as having a baby, moving, starting a first job... bank advisors should be at customers disposal anytime

main issue

How to offer a valuable online service that would not deteriorate - or worst, replace - the relationship with the bank advisor?


Identifying the pain points

To identify how to best improve the customers’ experience with the bank, we outlined a common scenario.

Scenario of a bank customer

Here, a lot of time is wasted in transportation. The conversation with the bank advisor, the purpose of the process, represents less than half of the process duration.

the solution

A video conferencing system that focuses on customer / advisor interactions while saving time.


Exploring La Poste current services

Besides offering postal and banking services, La Poste also offers other services and technologies in various fields. Two of them caught our attention: a secured payment system using voice as an identification and a cloud storage for administrative documents.

Two services owned by La Poste

Defining the use cases

We browsed through La Banque Postale’s website to draw a list of all the possible actions that require either an approval or a discussion with a bank advisor. We then charted the main user flows and organised the app wireframes accordingly.

1. Quickly scheduling a meeting

User flow 1

2. Scheduling a meeting to sign up for a contract

User flow 2

3. Scheduling a meeting to ask for advice

User flow 3

4. Joining the conference call

User flow 4

Arranging the video conference features

Conferencing platform features 1Conferencing platform features 2

Establishing the visual design guidelines

For the app, I went for a sober yet colorful look.

Styleguide fonts and colors

And created a specific set of icons specifically for the banking features.

Styleguide icons

The platform

The app dedicated to the appointment scheduling

Final design of the app

The video conferencing system

Final design of the conferencing system

The video

As we received the second price, the contest organisers created a promotion video for our concept. All of the content and illustrations are based on our final presentation. English subtitles are available.

Thank you for reading!

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